This week at the Bloomsbury Social Centre

>> 11am Financial Times reading group
>> 8pm Dinner + Politics
>> 9.30pm Film (Usually communist, always beautiful)

Monday 19th
– 12noon-1pm: Writing Xmas cards to Camden residents
– 9.30pm: CINEMA: Salo (1975, Pasolini)

Tuesday 20th
– 12noon-2pm: Workers’ kitchen
– 6pm: Writing Xmas cards for protest prisoners
– 9.30pm: CINEMA: Germany in Autumn (1978; Fassbinder et al)

Wednesday 21st
– 12noon-2pm: Workers’ kitchen
– 6pm: Games night
– 7pm: Beating unlawful deduction of wages
– 9.30pm: CINEMA: Endgame (Beckett)

Thursday 22nd
– 12noon-2pm: Workers’ kitchen
– 6pm: Tenants’ rights workshop

– 7pm: Mervyn King Collective :: What would a communist party look like after 1989? Thinking about the Imaginary Party
– 9.30pm: CINEMA: tbc

Friday 23rd
– 6pm: Games night
– 9.30pm: CINEMA: tbc

If you want to organise an event in the building, please contact us at:
twitter: @socialbloom


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